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OHS in management

There have been far reaching effects to both the employer and employee noted in the non-compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It is therefore necessary to explain the aspects of the legislation specific to an operation or operational activities.

This includes the implementation and management of a specific plan with an indication of implementing effective control measures to achieve compliance with the relevant regulations.
The Occupational Health and Safety Act for Management course focuses on the necessary precautions to minimize risks and to manage compliance in and around the workplace.


It aids the learner in understanding the generic structure of the legislation along with the layout of the Act, the regulations applicable and the relationship between them.
The course covers the responsibilities ascribed to the Chief Executive Officer along with the requirements for compliance with the stipulated legislative requirements. It also aids employers by outlining the importance of demonstrating knowledge and record keeping.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Basic principals of the Act and regulations

  • Minimum requirements for compliance to the act

  • Obligations of various management controls

  • Requirements for minimum compliance stipulated in the act

  • Self- assessment

  • Learner evaluation

The opinion of the legal position of both the employer and employee with motivations in terms of common law principles which are applicable to the OHS Act and that the law of evidence is applied along with the law of civil and criminal procedure in each relevant case study.

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OHS (Occupational health and Safety)  is for EVERY type of business!

Keeping workplaces safe is a number one priority for any business. Our safety inductions and training mean your workforce is qualified, inducted and assessed before they even step on site – in compliance with local legislative and regulator requirements.

We also can help you with all your safety requirements:

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