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RITE Chemicals training


Learners who demonstrate competence as described in the outcomes of this unit standard will be able to receive, handle and store hazardous chemicals safely in a processing environment.


Exposure to chemicals commonly used in workplaces can lead to a variety of short- and long-term health effects such as poisoning, skin rashes and disorders of the lung, kidney and liver. A hazardous substance can take many forms, including gas, powder, liquid, solid or dust. The product may be pure or diluted.

Is your company complying with the OHS Act?

Learners that successfully complete this course will be able to handle and store dangerous goods. They will be able to classify goods in preparation for storage and prepare these goods for safe transportation. Learners will also be able to handle incidents in the event of them happening in accordance with required safety procedures and guidelines.


By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • identify and classify dangerous goods in accordance with documentation, packing and labelling

  • correctly handle and store classified goods and substances during warehousing and storage

  • prepare the dangerous goods for transportation

  • take appropriate action in the event of an accident in the handling of the dangerous goods.


The above programme can be customised to suit a specific organisation’s policies and procedures.

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OHS (Occupational health and Safety)  is for EVERY type of business!

Keeping workplaces safe is a number one priority for any business. Our safety inductions and training mean your workforce is qualified, inducted and assessed before they even step on site – in compliance with local legislative and regulator requirements.

We also can help you with all your safety requirements:

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