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manage business operations

This highly interactive and practical course is designed to provide delegates with a sound knowledge of all elements involving managing business, practice or profession. The course allows delegates to  work within a SMME (Small, Medium, Micro Enterprise) environment, specialising in new venture ownership and management, where the acquisition of competence against this Standard will add value to one's job.


This Standard will also add value to entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop their entrepreneurial skills so that they can become more marketable for bigger contracts, including commercial and public sector contracts, for example the Department of Public Works programmes.

The fundamental objective of the course is to gain the required skills that will enable delegates to work within a SMME (Small, Medium, Micro Enterprise) environment, specialising in new venture ownership and management.

Benefits of this course include:

  • Implementing an action plan for business operations.

  • Mobilising resources for a new venture.

  • Managing own time productively.

  • Monitoring productivity in a business venture.

  • Implementing and managing a basic quality system in a new venture.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • An action plan for the managing of business operations.

  •  Business concepts.

  • Legal issues, safety regulations, and risk factors in the compilation
    of an action plan.

  • Roles and responsibilities pertaining to action plan.

  • Available resources for a new venture.

  • The cost of resources.

  • The resources according to suitable contribution to effective
    business performance.

  • Advice is sought and used to supplement competences.

  • The purpose and process for scheduling.

  • Own time management preferences.

  • Interruptions are accounted for and built into schedule to ensure
    that productivity levels are effectively measured

  • Private and business time is balanced to ensure overall personal

  • Basic concepts of productivity.

  • Appropriate productivity concepts and principles.

  • 15. Measures are taken to ensure continuous improvement of

  • Basic quality concepts, systems, and principles

  • 17. The consequences and risks associated with non- compliance to
    quality procedures

  • The quality requirements of a new venture

  • Basic quality procedure

Business Meeting

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